How to Test for Candida Albicans

The complications of a candida diagnosis.

Looking for a test for candida albicans is a logical next step to getting your health and immune system back on track.

Especially if you feel that a candida infection could explain your health problems.

But a candida diagnosis is not a simple matter, especially from a medical perspective.

Many American doctors recognize systemic candida as a condition that only affects severely immunocompromised individuals. Even though there is plenty of evidence that says otherwise.

So finding a physician that is willing to listen to you might present a challenge. If you have lucked out in that department, there are several candida tests available. But they are not as accurate as we might like.

Since low levels of Candida albicans and other candida strains are a normal inhabitant in our digestive tract, a simple positive or negative test will not do. We have to be able to tell just how much yeast is in us, and if is has transformed into the harmful fungal form.

To test for candida albicans - the best out there right now are:

  • Serum or saliva D-arabinitol levels – D-arabinitol is a toxic byproduct of systemic candida and the levels can be quantitatively measured to determine the extent of the infection.
  • Candida ELISA – blood test that detects antibodies against cytoplasmic proteins of the invasive fungal yeasts.
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis – a series of 25 different tests performed on your stool to determine your digestive health. Includes an evaluation of your intestinal flora balance, intestinal immune function, how well you absorb nutrients, and detection of harmful levels of bad bacteria and candida.

But there are a few caveats.

First of all it can be difficult to find labs that do these tests (and interpret them properly).

Secondly, they aren't cheap and, even if you have medical coverage, insurance companies might be reluctant to pay up.

Third, you could have a severe candida infection and still come up negative. Why? There are many different strains of candida and not all are detectable with these tests.

So, what to do?

Diagnose yourself. Use your common sense. Think back over your medical history. Take note of how many candida symptoms you have and what their severity is.

Learn about the steps necessary to kill candida albicans, try them out, and see how you feel. The good news is you’ll be healthier even if you don't have candida. So you have nothing to lose!

Let's look next at information on how to do a candida cleanse.

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