What's Your Body pH?

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I cannot stress this enough - Your body pH levels are the MOST important thing you can monitor to ensure good health and wellness.

If your pH is too acidic (like most Americans), then you need to address this issue first.

Otherwise other methods of boosting your immune system will not work well for you. It is THAT critical.

The good news is - testing your pH is easy to do. And inexpensive. And you can do it in the privacy of your own home.

But first, maybe you need a quick refresher on the pH scale?

Should you really be concerned about pH levels?

YES! I've said it before, but it is worth repeating:

Studies have shown again and again that healthy people DO indeed have disease-causing organisms in their systems, even though they do NOT get ill.

How can that be? Are these super humans? No, of course not.

It all has to do with your body's internal environment. Germs, and disease for that matter, can only thrive when certain basic needs are being met.

People who do not get sick have a clean and healthy internal environment (caused by a healthy body pH).

Sure it might sound overly simplified, but that is the beauty of holistic health. Keep your cells (all 75 trillion of them) in a clean environment and sickness just doesn't stand a chance. 

Illness ALWAYS begins at the cellular level.

healthy blood cells

How do you keep your cells healthy?

If you want your cells to function at their absolute best - keep your pH slightly alkaline. Read on and I'll tell you how.

You see, our cells are alkaline by nature but acidic by function.

Your cells need to remain in a slightly alkaline environment to stay healthy and function optimally. But the metabolic activities of our cells create acid wastes.

All remains well as long as we give our bodies the proper raw materials to remove these acids. Good examples of these alkaline forming foods are raw fruits and vegetables (see foods to boost immune system). Drinking enough purified water is also incredibly important.

What happens if we don't? If we eat too many processed foods, junk foods, cooked foods, etc.?

These acids build up, leading to the all too common condition called acidosis.

I bet you'll recognize some of its symptoms - like unexplained fatigue and and great difficulty losing weight.

Here's what you should know.

Click the links below for more information on each topic.

Learn how to achieve body pH balance.

Learn which foods are alkaline forming foods and which are acid forming foods.

Take a look at what your pH readings should be:

blood pH saliva pH urine pH

And of course, learn how and when to test your pH using the quick and easy pH strips.

Really acidic? Having trouble eating enough of the proper foods? Get your health back on track quickly with these alkaline supplements from pHion.

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Knowing your body pH is critical if you are trying to improve your immune system or your health in general. This simple fact cannot be overstated.

Have a question about your body pH?

Please share your questions below and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Help me give you the best answers possible by sharing as many details as you can.

You are free to comment on what others have written too. Just always keep it respectful (only positive/helpful comments will be published).

What's your question about?

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